What if you were sent major pain, not only to learn from it, but to help others, too?

-A line from The Daily Love

Earlier today I met again with the patients in a community based rehabilitation. Again, similar to what I learned from my internship in the psychiatric ward last summer, I have been reminded that everybody carries a cross. I used to feel that I was in so much pain that none of my psychology books, lessons from lectures, not even professional advice could help me.

So I tried to give meaning from what I experienced. Yes I developed that habit thanks to my majors. In an application of my course called real life, I learned why the “Vicious Cycle of Depression” was called vicious. Though many tears have been wasted, a lot more lessons were learned. Those of which to keep my guard not to repeat the same mistakes and experience the same pain.

Until I met some other patients. What a shame I called myself “in pain” or “helpless”. These patients have been struggling with their condition every single day, for n years. And there I was, healed by God’s grace, seeing other people go through a vicious cycle that is hard to get out of. So maybe, just maybe, the pain I felt was not only for me to learn, not only for my own good, but for the better of others? It may seem big to think that I could help these people feel better, but the pieces just fit perfectly and beautifully.


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