P.S. Take care of yourself

Went for a check-up yesterday. My CBC was checked. The doctor said something was too concentrated, I didn’t know which. Focused on the intervention, which was  to drink more water than coffee, get more rest, and more water again.

I loved the black and white tiles of the clinic, I just stared at them while waiting for the results of the CBC.

Here’s the result from the CBC:

Aside from knowing I had URTI, I was disappointed to know my current weight, cause last time I checked I was 50 kilos. I HAVE TO GAIN WEIGHT.

So I made a list of goals.

  • Gain weight. at least 5lbs

eat more- more frequently, in larger amount of food

  • Sleep earlier

realistically, 12 midnight would be early for me.

  • Drink more water

less coffee, doctor said. Too bad caffeine is my blood type.

  • Finish Data Gathering.

Being too busy caused me this.


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