Malice in Wanderlust

JULY 19, 2012

Our org, the Psychological Society if Assumption, held its first General Assembly slash Acquaintance party with the theme of movie stars. My block came as the cast of Alice in Wonderland, but I came up with a more appropriate title for me and my blockmates: Malice in Wanderlust. Guess who’s Malice. :>

from left: Ge as the Cheshire Cat, Bea as Tweedle Dee, Me as Malice, and Ayra as Tweedle Dum. :))

We performed Karmin’s Brokenhearted and Fun’s We Are Young that night. As usual, short notice and no practice. lol

yeah uhm, more instruments please? haha. that was kinda hard. XD

In my opinion, this sem’s G.A. ended so fast. Or maybe I was just disappointed about me being forgotten to be called when the officers were mentioned, and that I wasn’t able to eat any hotdogs. Just popcorn for the night. lol. My dormmates too felt bad that it was weird how the GA came out and didn’t really “feel” it. To make them feel less disappointed, I told them I’ll just take pictures of them while their costumes were still on. :)) (They’re not my blockmates so they’re not a part of Malice in Wanderlust)


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