Billy’s 20th (a.k.a. The Weekend I was Supposed to be Studying)

JULY 14, 2012

I stayed in the dorm Friday night, no plans of coming home cause I’ve been meaning to study for an org. chem quiz for Monday. But Satuday afternoon, I got a text being invited to dinner at Billy’s, which was also in Malabon. I couldn’t say no to a birthday girl, and to people I haven’t seen recently- high school buddies; so I left the dorm immediately.

The Penacerrada residence has a HUGE mirror in their living room

Billy’s niece, Sam. She’s super kulit and adorable :)

Kim, trying out a blazer from Hug for her work. After a while of convincing to buy, she did. :))

Meet Sam. This kid is the definition of hyper that night.

Birthday girl and her bro :)

HAPPY TREE FRIENDS! :D Gahd I really missed them! High school was bearable cause of them. :)

The following is my favorite part of that night.

Have I mentioned this post could also be entitled, “Kim’s first drink”?


Epic faces.


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