Before the August Rush

I created this blog primarily for a reason I have failed to keep lately: To TAKE NOTE of the little things and stuff there is everyday. JULY has been SUPER jam packed, since the overrated pictorial for Graduation, to my 20th birthday and my friends’ birthday celebrations, and other more moments that made me feel alive. A thousand pictures on my SLR have piled up (and they are mostly faces of vain friends haha) that I haven’t uploaded even on facebook. So yeah, I feel bad that I couldn’t update or post how much fun I’ve had the previous month so allow me to make up for it in the following posts. I shall upload a visual record, SOON.

Meanwhile, this is how I celebrated the first day of August Rush. With my best friend, Edith. There was a strong rush of the wind the whole day but we still went out of the dorm, to the mall, just because.

I’m really thankful for the month that had passed by so fast. I like the fact that I am finally, after so long, able to enjoy again and lessen negative feelings by learning a little something on invulnerability and gratitude. Oh my do I sound old? Oh I don’t give a ssh. Gonna enjoy more and be productive this August. Thesis I am ready for yoouuu!



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