ToyCon 2012

     Aside from celebrating Father’s Day last weekend, what made it more epic was the annual Toy Convention held at Megamall for three days, from June 15-17.  My dad was really the toy collector, while I find joy and contentment in just taking pictures of a whole lot of awesomeness!

‎Top 3 reasons why I’m always present at the annual toycon since 2009:

1. I just love visual feasts. nuff said.
2. Earrings. hahaha. All my eccentric shaped earrings were from the toycons i’ve been to.
3. Because my dad told me years ago,

“The difference between heroes and superheroes… are action figures.”  hahahaha!

     I took A LOT of pictures that day. These are just some of it.

Look, Panday’s with the group! hahaha

would you look at those action figures.. they’re so realistic.

a diorama of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor

odd one out! :))

Cosplayers who are serious about their art

Illustrating a comic book is just one of my dreams

I actually went to the ToyCon with just my dad, little did I know I have friends who were there too. Made it even more fun! :)


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