Let’s Talk About Sex!

     Last Wednesday, the Makati Medical Center Department of Neurosciences Section of Psychiatry held its 10th Post Graduate Course entitled, “LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX! (& SEXUALITY)” and invited us (even if we were still in pre-med and not yet post grad) to the sex talk that’s more scientific and less awkward. :))

     At first I honestly got intimidated in the post grad talk  bec. I was surrounded by people in white: all doctors and med students. But that just couldn’t stop a libido enhanced Psych major from actively participating in the symposium about one of life’s most intriguing topics- sex! :O

     The topics covered were:

Sex Talk For Parents
Intimacy in the Twilight Years
Depression Among the Medically Ill
The Science of Orgasm
Sexual Disorders & Paraphilia
The Psychology of Romance

     Education at best! :))

(P.S. My parents know about this.)  :))))

(correction: neurotransmitters AND hormones involved)

Guests lining up for what they called “tour of exhibits” which I later learned was just the sponsors.

Me and Ayra, probably the most excited non-med students in the hall that day:))

Irene, in an out of focus picture. my bad

Ayra, Pat and Mykee :)

Thanks to that talk, my brain, which is actually the most important sex organ, is devirginized. :> hahahaha!


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