This drawing  is a good friend of mine, Mykee, who I fondly call Charmee because of her charm :)) You know how sometimes you can picture someone as a character of some sort because of his/her aura? Well I see Charmee as a flower child. Hair so long and luscious, small, happy eyes it almost can’t be seen, a smile so sweet and an overall charm that’s captivating.

     More than just a pretty face, it’s Mykee’s character that makes her stand out. It’s very seldom where you get to be around someone who can encourage almost everyone through kind words, and that’s her gift. Above all else, she is a woman of faith.

     Drew her using colored pencils :) pretty, eh?


“You see, beauty indwells every woman. We’ve seen it so many times counseling women of all ages. Like a shy doe, it reveals itself for a moment, then fades back into cover. Usually it comes when she doesn’t know it, when she isn’t trying to make it come. Rather, something is happening that allows her defenses to come down for a moment. For instance, when someone is listening. She knows that she matters. Someone cares about her heart, wants to know her. Her beauty emerges as if from behind a veil.”

Captivating, John and Stasi Eldredge

So this is me, and Mykee( right). I lilly lilly like this picture. hahaha


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