Break-up Soundtrack

I haven’t written anything here about my break up experience except for the drawings inspired by it.  So I guess this is a first.

It was the first time I got in a relationship and now it is already over and done. Thus, my first break-up… and it huuuurt as hell. I didn’t know it would be that bad, the way things could end when it used to feel like it would last forever. Then I learned forever is bullshit. I’m not going to elaborate though on what and why it ended, that’s not necessary I think. It’s already been 3 months and a couple of days since then and I can say at least that I feel and I am a lot better now.

In the process of healing and getting over, there are people and things that helped me make it through eventually. These are: PRAYERS + friends + a lot of crying (for a while it helped in the process of catharsis but it had to end too) drawing + writing  + 9gag + good music.

Funny is that when I was going through this heartbreak, it feels like all those songs I hear comes alive. There are songs where the words feel like it was from me but someone wrote it first and sang it for me. There are songs that makes me feel empowered with hope and strength to carry on. And then there are songs that makes me want to die. I just had to close my ears and talk loudly when I inevitably had to hear those like in the jeepney or from your neighbor’s annoying playlist.

These are the songs I listened to and related to so much at that time:

  • Breakeven- The Script
  • Nothing Last Forever- Maroon 5
  • Over You- Daughtry
  • Wrong Man- Paul Gilbert
  • Split-screen Sadness- John Mayer
  • Better That We Break- Maroon 5

And I thank the God of music for these feel good songs that made me feel better:

  • Fuckin Perfect- Pink
  • Gonna Get Over You- Sara Bareilles
  • Better in Time- Leona Lewis
  • Being Strong- Josie
  • I Will Survive- Cake

Then there’s that song that just automatically and repeatedly plays in my mind for months now. They said it best. No they said it perfectly. Gotye and Kimbra, I couldn’t agree more with you guys.

and then a famous philosopher once said,

It’s time to let your hair down

and give yourself permission.

It takes courage and control,

and you start by letting go.”

-Brandon Boyd, Courage and Control


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